All salt scrubs are made from the finest and skin loving salts from around the world. dead sea salt, and Himalayan salts are grind and mixed with various essential and or fragrance oils and LOVE.
$ 7.00
African Shea butter Ingredients: These contain African raw shea butter, olive oil, coconut, grapeseed oil, vitamin E, essential/fragrance oil and LOVE.
$ 12.00
This class will focus on the melt and pour method of soap making and the cold process method using sodium hydroxide. We will use various oils and butters, essential and fragrance oils will be used. The use of colorants will be discussed. Safety in soap making will be emphasized for the duration of this class. Bring your apron and goggles.
$ 85.00
In this advanced class students will learn how to make liquid soap using Potassium Hydroxide. This is what gives soap its liquid properties. Various oils and essential and or fragrance oils are used. In order to take this class you must be prepared to have plenty of time. This class is 8-10 hours at a minimum.
$ 70.00
In this advanced soap making class, the student will explore using various pigments and micas in creating a fun and colorful soap. This techniques explored are the peacock swirl, the hanger swirl tool, and the slab swirl. Bring your apron and goggles.
$ 70.00
This coaching session involves the empowered conversation. As a coach I am here to facilitate behavioral shifts. The client establishes this by setting measurable and time specific goals. Step by step each goal will be evaluated against the current beliefs and thoughts that the client has. The behavioral shifts additionally focus on the Spiritua...
$ 80.00

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