Join us for a fun filled tasty and informative class. We will explore the uses of various herbs, spices and fresh fruits and vegatables in preparing a healthy and delicious meal. We will discuss healthy food options in combating diabetes and high blood pressure. The use of fruit combinations and juicing will be examined. We will make several jui...
$ 85.00
In this fun garden experience, we will explore topics on crop rotation, raised beds vs. open beds, composting with veggie and fruit scraps, and soil augmentation. We also discuss weeding practices and sustainability for years to come. Pesticides and herbicides will also be explored and discussed.
$ 85.00
Reiki is a non invasive method of relaxation/meditation
$ 150.00
This class will focus on the melt and pour method of soap making and the cold process method using sodium hydroxide. We will use various oils and butters, essential and fragrance oils will be used. The use of colorants will be discussed. Safety in soap making will be emphasized for the duration of this class. Bring your apron and goggles.
$ 85.00
In this advanced soap making class, the student will explore using various pigments and micas in creating a fun and colorful soap. This techniques explored are the peacock swirl, the hanger swirl tool, and the slab swirl. Bring your apron and goggles.
$ 70.00

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